EFA Technologies

LEAKNET™ seamlessly incorporates two independent pipeline leak detection methods (CPM), Pressure Point Analysis™ (PPA) and MassPack, into a single off-the-shelf package. When you select EFA Technologies, Inc.'s LEAKNET™ you are buying:
  • EFA Technologies, Inc. has been serving the petrochemical industry since 1975.
  • Leak detection (CPM) is our business, our only business.
  • LEAKNET™ has the largest installed user base in the industry.
  • LEAKNET™ provides straight forward leak detection that is easily understood by operators and engineers alike.
  • EFA provides live telephone customer service for the life of the system at no cost to the customer. Our customers rate our service as "excellent."

Gets Data...
  • from SCADA.
  • from PLCs.
  • direct from field instruments.
  • any combination of the above.
Highly Qualified
  • The only technology qualified in Alaska as Best Available Technology in two categories.
  • The only system with 3rd party certification per EPA protocols.
  • Used around the world by most major operators.

Since 1995 LEAKNET™ remains the leak detection system of choice on the North Slope of Alaska.

  • false alarm free – with SmartPoint.
  • all liquids, gasses and most multiphase flow.
  • risky lines – It's trusted on lines carrying lethal products such as H2S, chlorine, anhydrous ammonia...
  • short lines (hundreds of feet) to longer than 1,000 miles.
  • offshore platforms, terminal facilities and cross country pipelines.