EFA Technologies

It was a bad day for a sensitivity test on an off-shore platform… The following data were recorded during a series of four on-line tests. There are four – and only four – leaks recorded on the graph below. Can you find them? LEAKNET™'s SmartPoint did – with 100 percent accuracy.

Normal operation does not cause alarms because... During bumps and oscillations pressure and flow track each other. Monitoring pressure and flow on the platform enables LEAKNET™ to ignore all on-platform bumps. Even under conditions this dynamic LEAKNET™ does not false alarm!

A leak in the pipeline makes it easier to move flow and harder to hold pressure. It is easy to see the onset of the leak from the increase in flow and the decrease in pressure – providing you have LEAKNET™ to look for them. LEAKNET™ promptly alarmed this 10.8 gallon per minute leak.