EFA Technologies

LEAKNET™'s PPA (Pressure Point Analysis™) successfully completed third party testing and certification per an EPA accepted protocol. LEAKNET™is now the only pipeline leak detection method tested and certified to detect 2.2 gallon-per-hour leaks in large diameter static pipelines – every time- without false alarms.

Publications The regulation prompting LEAKNET™'s Third Party Certification is the Federal Underground Storage Tank Regulation from Vol. 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations. While the Federal version exempts large, constructed-in-place tanks and the associated piping, California's does not. The regulation is administered equally regardless of whether the tank contains 10,000 or 100,000 gallons. A 3 gallon-per-hour leak in service station piping is easily met – a 3 gallon loss represents nearly 13 percent of the 20-23 gallons captured in the pipe. The same 3 gallon loss in a line containing 58,000 gallons equates to 0.005 percent of the volume. Clearly a more difficult problem.

Third Party Testing on large diameter pipelines showed LEAKNET™ easily meets this regulation. A total of 60 tests, 15 of which were a no-leak condition, were randomly administered per an EPA approved protocol. LEAKNET™ detected every leak in under five minutes without a single false alarm. Don't your environmentally sensitive lines deserve LEAKNET™?