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Performance Customer Support
  • "LEAKNET™ is simple and reliable in design and operation"
  • "It works and works impressively"
  • "Excellent performance/cost ratio"
  • "It is extremely sensitive, (it detected) less than one barrel (out) of 240,000 at 37 miles"
  • "There is no other available leak detection system known that is as sensitive, as accurate, and as inexpensive"
  • "The advantages to having this system are reasonably straight forward. Quick detection of a leak means less to clean up. Location of a leak when it is small is an advantage"
  • "Excellent response and patience"
  • "Whatever they tell you to do, just do it! It works"
  • "They help with problems that are not even theirs"
  • "You guys are always there and never make me feel bad when I ask stupid questions"

Client List
 .  All American Pipeline Co.  .  Amerada Hess Corp.  .  Arco Alaska Inc.  .  Arco Pipeline Co.  .  Bahrain Petroleum Co.  .  Bay State Gas Co.  .  BP Gas  .  BP Oil  .  Caltex Services Corp.  .  Chevron USA Products Co.  .  Chinese Petroleum Corp.  .  Citgo Petroleum Corp.  .  Conoco Inc.  .  GATX Terminals Corp.  .  Imperial Oil, Canada  .  Pacific Gas & Electric Co.  .  Pacific Operators Offshore  .  Phillips Petroleum Co.  .  Placid Refining Co.  .  Seadrift Pipeline Corp.  .  Shell Chemical Co.  .  Shell Canada Products Ltd.  .  Shell Refining Co.  .  Shell Western E&P  .  Star Petroleum Refining Co.  .  Torch Operating  .  Trans Java Gas (Pertamina)  .  Ultramar Inc.  .  Union Pacific Resources  .  Unocal Corp.  .  U.S. Oil & Refining Co.  .  U.S. Government  .  YPF Ecuador, Inc.  .