EFA Technologies

A major part of any leak detection project is ensuring a steady stream of reliable data. Often, the required measurements exist in various kinds of equipment spread over a large area. LEAKNET™has the tools to connect to almost anything.

LEAKNETis network focused, allowing tremendous versatility in communication path layout.

Front End Processor facilitates multiple-protocol – multiple-source data acquisition. It manages all EFA I/O interfaces and integrates all data from all connected devices for LEAKNET™.

LEAKNET™ Auxiliary systems extend operational reach by providing the ability to observe, operate, and even reconfigure LEAKNET™from a remote operator station. Full access security is provided.

 Interface tools


• The Allen Bradley PLC Interface exchanges data bi-directionally with PLC-5 and SLC-500 systems.


• Direct Connect I/O allows digital communication with 4-20 milliamp instrument loops. Modems extend the range. RTU packaging provides a rugged, versatile, and maintainable remote data acquisition capability.


• The Modbus Interface moves data to and from serial or ethernet Modbus-compatible devices.


• The OPC–Link Interface provides bidirectional data transfer with OPC servers.


• LEAKNET Remote I/O provides a local interface point which can be located anywhere within a system. A typical use is operating Direct Connect I/O at a remote site.


LEAKNET– Continuously evolving … and as connectable as it gets!