EFA Technologies

Data Archive provides user-configurable daily records of data monitored by LEAKNET™. These time-tagged records can be used to meet Department of Transportation data logging requirements and to investigate the cause of leaks or unusual events.

Time Archive Log

Each active PPA™ point can be scheduled to record at any of the following intervals:

  • Every reading
  • One minute
  • Five minutes
  • Fifteen minutes
  • Thirty minutes
  • Sixty minutes

Event Archive Log

This Log provides a complete record of the readings before, during and after an event. It records approximately 10 minutes worth of data preceeding the event, the entire event, and a user-selectable amount of time after the event clears.

You can select which active PPA™ point or set of points initiate Event Archive Logs.

Viewing the Data

Logs can be viewed in tabular or graphical format. Both presentations can be printed.

Data for up to five points can be graphed at the same time. This facilitates comparisons among points so interrelationships are clearly seen. A "zoom" feature provides a high resolution display of a single point so noise and small changes become visible. A "Jump" feature quickly moves to any time period you select.


Library Functions

Both Logs cover a 24-hour time period beginning at midnight. The Time Archive Log is maintained continuously. The Event Archive Log is written only when an event occurs. The hard drive has sufficient capacity to maintain approximately a years records for the average user.

When the hard drive is near storage capacity, a message is displayed to alert the operator. If the operator does not delete or copy files, the oldest are automatically overwritten.

The user has complete file management capability. Files can be deleted, moved onto floppy disk for permanent storage, or imported to spreadsheets.

System Considerations

Data Archive can be included as part of the initial order or added to LEAKNET™ at a later time.