EFA Technologies

Alarm and Event Log keeps a daily record of LEAKNET™  and Locator alarms and events. Logs cover a 24-hour period beginning at midnight.

The Alarm and Event Log files can be maintained on the system hard drive for many years, depending on system size. They can be moved to network or removable media for permanent storage. Logs can also be printed.

Logged Events

  • System startup
  • Point warnings
  • Point alarms
  • Group warnings
  • Group alarms
  • MassPack™segment warnings
  • MassPack™ segment alarms
  • Acknowledged alarms
  • Cleared alarms
  • Event locations (with Locator™ option)
  • Global Response Algorithm operations
  • Resets
  • Enable/disable operations
  • All reconfigurations

Log Notations

Operators can enter a comment or description of an event into the log. A simple keystroke accesses a 30 character field for each line in the log.