EFA Technologies

LEAKNET™ is a real-time high performance, easy to use, cost-effective leak detection system. It can be used for gas, liquid, many multiphase pipelines, and storage tanks. Rapid, completely automatic leak detection is provided under both flowing and static conditions.

LEAKNET™ seamlessly incorporates two independent pipeline leak detection methods, Pressure Point Analysis™ (PPA) and MassPack into a single off-the-shelf package. Each are based on completely different technology. Together they provide a tight web of coverage which insures high sensitivity and rapid detection. LEAKNET™ also includes a way to provide tight monitoring and false alarm-free operations called SmartPoint.

LEAKNET™ is the easiest to interface and most connectable leak detection product ever conceived. The underlying Windows™ operating system includes support for simultaneous operation on multiple LANs using multiple protocols on each LAN.