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Events at a leak ©1987 EFA, Inc.
A brief, qualitative look at the hydraulic events that accompany leaks in pipelines.
Effect of pressure measurement resolution on PPA leak detection ©1990 EFA, Inc.
Pressure Point Analysis™ (PPA
) is designed to attach significance to variations in pressure as small as 0.01 psig. This paper discusses some of the factors which occur between the pressure in the pipeline and the number representing it that is reported to PPA.
PPA event suppression capability ©1990 EFA, Inc.
incorporates a very powerful pattern recognition algorithm that automatically deals with most perturbations in measurements. When events occur that are beyond the suppression capability of the pattern recognition algorithm PPA provides other methods for coping.
Pressure Point Analysis™ leak detection methodology, performance & application ©EFA, Inc. March 1996
Presented at the 25th AIChE One-Day Technical Meeting on Process and Operations. This paper discusses PPA's
methodology and how it fits into a fully developed and integrated product called LEAKNET™.
Trends in the incidence and cost of liquid pipeline accidents from 1982 to 1991 ©EFA, Inc. July, 1992
Pipeline accident statistics obtained mainly from the Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Pipeline Safety were investigated for the period of 1982 to 1991. Data obtained from the State of California Department of Justice were also used to establish the total cost of pipeline accidents.
Where to Focus the Next Maintenance Dollar ©EFA, Inc. May, 1999
Based on the Incidences of Accidents and Fires reported to the DOT 1988 through 1997. Prepared for the Aboveground Storage Tank Symposium Atlanta Fire Department m1t 17-21, 1999 by Diane J. Hovey, Ph.D and Edward J. Farmer, P.E.
Pipeline Leak Detection Under Four Extreme Conditions ©EFA, Inc. May, 1997
Prepared for presentation at the European Conference on Leak Prevention for Onshore and Offshore Pipelines. May 14-15, 1997 by Edward J. Farmer, P.E. and Diane J. Hovey, Ph.D
Pipeline Accident Frequency, Cause, and Cost in the U.S. ©EFA, Inc. May, 1998
Prepared for Pipelines '98, NEC Birmingham May 19-21, 1998 by Edward J. Farmer, P.E. and Diane J. Hovey, Ph.D
Article Reprints
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"Field tests for new leak location system successful"
Published: October 1992 Pipe Line Industry®
Utilizing Pressure Point Analysis™ concept, nine case studies were made on fuel oil line to prove technique.
"Long-term field tests completed on pipe leak detector program"
Published: August 1991 Offshore ©PennWell Publishing Company
Pressure analysis used on three-phase flow, slack line flow, and ethylene lines.
"A new approach to pipe line leak detection"
Published: June 1989 Pipe Line Industry® ©1993 by Gulf Publishing Co., Houston, Texas
Proceedings of the 1989 American Petroleum Institute Pipeline Conference
A brief look at Pressure Point Analysis™ and its methodology.
"Pipeline accident, failure probability determined from historical data"
Published: July 12, 1993 Oil & Gas Journal
The probability of a spill occurring along a pipeline lies at the core of risk management for pipeline operators. This paper takes a look at historical accident trends.
"DOT stats indicate need to refocus pipeline accident prevention"
Published: March 15, 1999 Oil & Gas Journal
"Environmental Solutions - key successful South Texas line installation"
Published: July 24, 2000 Oil & Gas Journal

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